"Our Motto is Satisfaction Through Service "

P.S. Group believes to provide qualitative and specialized services every client irrespective of their size Volume. In the context of modern business and consulting needs firm has developed expertise and resources to cater complete range of professional services for MSMEs. We have also developed a good network of professionals, associates, legal and business administrators, management advisors.


Before the liberalization of the Government policies, there was a great scarcity of experienced professionals who could represent Micro , Small and Medium Enterprises effectively. This was in many cases experienced by the MSMEs as well as Multi-national Organizations while inter-acting with the Government departments. Moving in the Government buildings, for the successful completion of jobs of the Organizations, requires a great skill. It not only requires the knowledge of the subject on which the discussions are to be conducted, but also, to leave a good image of the organization, before leaving the chambers of the officers concerned. It may be easy to develop relations, but it is difficult to maintain. This cannot be achieved with a day's experience. One needs to have an exposure and wide experience. Only seasoned and intelligent PROFESSIONALS can render these services. Vital Consulting has been associated with many emerging and Established MSMEs as well as multi-nationals for the successful completion of their projects in India. During the span of appx. Fives years, we are proud to have been associated with various MSMEs and multi-national organizations dealing with various products and services either directly or through their agents in India.


Methodology: Our target is to maintain a balance in timeliness quality and cost. We have been very successful as well in this. The multi tier working system has enabled us to serve every issue as specifically at the same time by giving a great attention to the details. Every client and their every issue are specific to us. Our approach is to understand the business note each detail and work out tailor made solutions for continuous business development. All the business relations are on a long term and we understand how it works.

Our Services

ISI Mark Registration

We offer one of the best services as ISI consultants to all the companies irrespective of their sizes and nature. We provide with ISI certification services in which we help you achieve ISI certificate by improving you.

ISO Certification

Perfect Service Group(P.S. Group) is an alliance of techno marketing professionals from the field of Quality Management, and marketing with a good deal of experience and a strong presence in World.

Company Registration

In India we register the Proprietorship which is also called a Sole Proprietorship Firm or Company which is register under the Indian Proprietorship Act 1908. We require the following document.

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