Copyright Registration

What is a copyright?
Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection granted under the Indian Copyright Act 1957, to the creators of original works of authorship such as literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works The copyright vests in original work in whatever form it may be and in India it is not mandatory but useful in courts where civil and/or criminal proceedings can be taken to protect it.

Benefits of Copyright Registration :-
Below are some of the benefits of registering your copyright works:-
• Registering your copyright protected work provides evidence that you are the owner of your work.tion is generally required before you can pursue an infringement action against someone who    used your work without authorization.
• Copyright owner can take legal action against any person who infringes the copyrighted work.
• The copyright owner is entitled to remedies by way of injunctions, damages and accounts.
• Registration helps preempt the defense of "innocent infringement" for infringers who claim they didn't know the work    was copyright protected.

The requirements for filing the copyright application in India :-
• Full Name, Address and Nationality of Applicant & that of the author The year & country of first publication of the work.
• List of countries where the work has been published and the year of publication.
• The year & the country of last publication.
• Six copies of the work Power of Attorney.
• In case of labels, which can be used as trademark, firstly clear copyright search certificate has to be received from the    trademark registry & only thereafter, application for copyright can be filed in the copyright office.

The procedure for the grant of copyright in India :-
• The application with complete details is filed.
• Thereafter, the application is examined and objections, if any, are raised thereto.
• The certificate is issued by the copyright office after the objections, if any, are removed to the satisfaction of the    department.