Design Registration

Design Registration in India :-
Design refers to the features of pattern, ornamentation, shape, configuration, ornamentation or composition of lines or colours in two or three dimensional forms. The design registrations give the exclusive right to proprietor to apply a design, which ahs been registered. Primarily, design registration confers this right for ten years from the date of registration. This initial period of design registration may be extended by further period of five years.

Essential Requirements for Registration of Design :-
The design should be original, which has not been used in any country before the date of application for registration. The design should not include any Trade Mark, property mark and artistic works as defined under the Copyright Act Industrial plans, installations and layouts are not registerable.
List of Information Required For Design Registration :-
• Name and address of the applicant.
• Name of the articles to which the design is to be applied.
• Drawings.
• Name of the country.
• Official Date.
• Official Number.
• Power of Attorney.