Web Development

The biggest challenge in website creation is striking the right chord with the target audience; every time. At PS Group, we do just that!


Accessibility, Compatibility, Navigability, Readability and Usability are the inherent ‘abilities’ of every website built by us. Colours, fonts, high-end technologies like Ajax, CSS, Flash, .Net, XML, XHTML, etc., are routine affairs at the AKL Technologies Designers’ Bay.

 What really gets us going is an idea… designed for maximum impact. When coupled with our enthusiasm and creative ingenuity, even the simplest of ideas end up as GREAT websites.

 Be it comprehensive corporate profiles, lucrative e-commerce websites and portals, or highly-interactive, Web 3.5-based sites, we make websites for all genres.

Professional & creative logo design

At AKL Technologies, we specialize in creating affordable custom business logo design for start-ups to established organizations. Our corporate logo design process has been strategically developed to produce highly appealing business logo designing that will give your business instant recognition.

What is your Need

Higher Rankings. Higher Visibility. Higher Growth.

80% sites are discovered through search engines and about 60% first-time visitors are results of a search. It is high time you capitalised on the power of web marketing.

Creation and deploying a site is the first step for selling and promoting of your goods and services on the Web. But simply having a web site does not guarantee the desired amount of visitors and desired amount of visitors does not guarantee the desired amount of sales. To succeed, your site needs qualified traffic and targeted shoppers.

Special Offers

This special offer includes 5 page website design, a domain name and web hosting for only Rs. 2000.

A custom-designed 5-page web site for your business - This will not be built from a template, but designed according to agreed specifications. Website hosting for the first year. Domain Name The initial registration of your company's domain name paid for the first one years. Submission of your site to the leading search engines.

New & Small Businesses Custom Website 30% Off!

We're pleased to be able to offer our High Quality Website Design to new and small businesses (companies with up to 5 people) at Over 30% Off for either a new or re-designed website. With the current tight economy we recognize that many businesses need to improve their marketing results in order to make it through these difficult times, or to start a new online business to supplement incomes or simply to earn some income until the job market improves. We're happy to be able to help.

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